Ping Pong

  • Client: Ping Pong / Location: Wembley, London / Date: December 2013 / Size: 520 m2

To develop the existing brand Ping Pong and deliver a new experience for customers.

Reference the intriguing and traditional side of old China and the juxtaposition between the two. Focusing on the urban side of Shanghai chic, through both modern and 1930s interpretation.

The new concept restaurant to Ping Pong family has a distinctly different feel to its sister restaurants with its splashes of paprika red, jade green and charcoal grey. From the more elegant new furniture and bar stools to custom-made artwork, lighting and metal paneling, the concept takes reference from the intriguing and traditional side of old China – with the inclusion of an old street scene to the bold iconic artworks on the walls. The dim sum counter has been bought forward to the front of the restaurant so customers perch around the lit up counter watching their dim sum being prepared in front of them and stacked in the giant steamers, adding authenticity to the dining experience.