• Client: Obica - Neo Capital / Date: 2016 / Category: Interior Design

Define a new flagship store for the brand by creating an environment that not only complements the existing Obica F&B concept but also defines a dynamic new look for the brand.

Take queues from traditional Italian architecture and represent a conceptual interpretation of the brand.

Due to the open plan nature of space, it was essential to follow the lines of the existing architecture to create a clear division through the restaurant. By using the queues from the traditional Italian architecture, we designed a perforated round arch partition that defines the private dining area and booth seating spaces, creating a range of dining environments. As the restaurant is famous for its mozzarella, this element became the focal point within the space through the introduction of a central island bar. After visiting the very mozzarella farms and factories where the star product is made, it was important for us to celebrate the mozzarella by displaying them in large wooden barrels that sit pride of place on top of the main bar.