• Client: Brompton / Location: Brompton Junction, Long Acre / Date: 2014

Redsign the Brompton flagship store to reflect the companies ethos in alignment with the new re-brand.

Flexible, practical, Transportable. The space had to interchangeable for the continuous update of accessories and bike configurations as well as scalable for antenatal markets.

The design of the store reflects the design the bikes – A plug and play system built up from standard sized sheet materials CNC’d with integrated fixing points. We wanted to celebrate the craft and skill behind the making of the bike. We did this by using the raw mild steel material for retail fixings, braised together by the very individuals responsible for making the bikes. Central island displays were designed to reference the component storage familiar to the workshop environment found at the Brompton HQ. High density foam was an integral part of the display as it was material that could be easily cut to fit any item on sale as well as be very cost effective for future product updates. As part of our ongoing scope we also developed a Brompton Blueprint that is now used to showcase the fit out for international franchisees.